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 Acoustic guitar albums

Tony Skinner has released two albums of his acoustic guitar music:

Fretboard Stories  and The Acoustic Composer .  

All music on both albums was composed and performed solo by Tony Skinner.

"Anyone that likes the sound of the acoustic guitar played magnificently will love these albums - they are both beautifully performed, featuring an enthralling display of instrumental guitar mastery from tender passionate pieces to stunning virtuosity".

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The albums both feature the exquisite resonant sound of numerous vintage Martin guitars dating back to 1927. The albums were recorded using the very best vintage gear including a 1958 Neumann U47 and a 1964 Neumann U67 valve microphone, with a 1959 EMT plate reverb; both albums were mastered at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London, resulting in an absolute tonal delight for any guitar lover’s ears. The guitars used were:


1927 Martin 021 

1936 Martin 0017 

1939 Martin 017H 

1941 Martin 00018 

1947 Martin 0018 

1961 Martin D21 

1997 Martin 00028EC 

1997 Lowden S12

2003 Avalon A200

2007 Benjamin OM

2014 Lowden 023 


Buy the CDs to listen to the music at the best audio quality and to hear the beautiful tonal nuances of the vintage guitars played on the album.

Tony Skinner Square version of front cov
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