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Charity Song

Supporting the registered charity Music4Children

Radio and press can download the track FREE by clicking on 'Download Track' in the box below.

Radio and press can download the track for FREE by clicking on the 'Download track' button.


Tony Skinner has written this catchy sing-along and laugh-along Christmas jingle, designed to raise people's spirits and spread happiness, which he hopes will generate some much-needed funding and awareness for the fantastic work of the Registered Charity Music4Children.
If you enjoy the song, please support Music4Children by downloading the track for a small donation from:

This will help fund music and art workshops that the charity provides to children in need, as well as support the charity's wider projects such as a shelter for disadvantaged girls in Nepal, community projects in Mexico, and workshops online supporting vulnerable children through the arts.

Music4Children is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children, both in the UK and around the world. It uses music and other creative activities as tools to fundraise, educate and heal. For more information about the charity visit:

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