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 About Tony Skinner

"Tony Skinner is a guitar legend; an amazingly talented inspirational musician."  Tomorrow Magazine

Tony Skinner is one of the true masters of the guitar and has played for over 45 years as a professional guitarist. He now specialises in writing and performing solo instrumental acoustic guitar music.

Tony's solo album The Acoustic Composer   was released by Highpoint Records in 2018 to wide acclaim and his last album Fretboard Stories was released in 2020. The  albums are collections of exquisitely played solo instrumental acoustic guitar pieces that are filled with emotion, passion and vivacity.

Tony is zealous about the enchanting resonant sound of vintage Martin guitars and both albums feature Tony drawing the most wonderful tones from some of these unique vintage instruments dating back to 1927. 

During the previous 25 years Tony became established as one of the world’s most respected guitar educators, writing and editing over 100 guitar education books and, as Founder and Director of the Registry of Guitar Tutors and London College of Music Principal Guitar Examiner, compiling ground-breaking guitar exams that are widely used across the world.  Tony also contributed to over 250 issues of Total Guitar, Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine, with sales in excess of 10 million magazines and CDs.

Tony has appeared on all the major UK TV channels, from BBC1 to Channel 4, demonstrating his guitar playing.

"If you know anything about guitars you'll know Tony Skinner is one of the masters of the art."  Mike Davies, Alternative Roots Radio Show.

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