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The Acoustic Composer Album

All music on The Acoustic Composer  album was composed and performed solo by Tony Skinner.

Anyone that likes the sound of the acoustic guitar played magnificently will love this absolute gem of an album - it's beautifully performed and is an enthralling display of instrumental guitar mastery from tender passionate pieces to stunning virtuosity.

The album features the exquisite resonant sound of numerous vintage Martin guitars dating back to 1927. The album was recorded using the very best vintage gear including a 1964 Neumann U67 valve microphone with a 1959 EMT plate reverb and was mastered at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London, resulting in an absolute tonal delight for any guitar lover’s ears. The guitars used were:


1927 Martin 021 (Track 8)

1936 Martin 0017 (Track 9)

1939 Martin 017H (Track 5)

1941 Martin 00018 (Tracks 2 & 11)

1947 Martin 0018 (Track 7)

1961 Martin D21 (Tracks 3 & 4)

1997 Martin 00028EC (Tracks 10 & 12)

2003 Avalon A200 (Tracks 1 & 6)


Buy the CD to listen to the music at the best audio quality and to hear the beautiful tonal nuances of the vintage guitars played on the album.


"A solo guitar showcase; virtuosity with memorable instrumentals." Acoustic Guitar magazine.

"Full of lovely tunes, which have been beautifully recorded on some rather spectacular instruments."  Clive Carroll

“Nice melodies… reflective in mood and… sounds beautiful.” Gordon Giltrap


"A wonderful set of solo guitar pieces, with a rich range of tone colours."

Hugh Burns

“Inspirational guitar playing.” Hiscox Live

“The pieces are really superb. Excellent playing throughout and beautifully recorded." Pete Farrugia

"Tony Skinner has delivered a beautifully performed melodic acoustic album - harnessing his wealth of musical knowledge, experience and mastery of this wonderful instrument. Highly original and played exquisitely.” Karen Shelley


"Tony’s music skills are impressive. You will feel compelled to listen to the music, it is rich and engaging and I am sure you would put it to repeat mode." Twist – the best in online music


"Acoustic composer and world-class guitarist Tony Skinner is a true legend of the art. Skinner’s undying love for the guitar has led the stringed craftsman into a marriage of forty plus years with his beloved instrument of choice. The Acoustic Composer features twelve timeless compositions. Skinner’s passionate guitar solos are breathtaking and work as the fuel of inspiration that reaches the hearts of his listeners. This epic recording is a lesson for us all in musical conversation." WAI News

"Tony’s acoustic guitar tones are rich, organic and warm, you can really hear the wood and strings interacting, resonating deeply and beautifully. His playing is absolutely effortless, and he definitely goes through some incredibly complex passages making it look like it’s absolutely no big deal. But it’s not just about the technical skills, his songs are highly emotional, connecting with listeners on a much deeper level." Bandcamp Diaries

"If you know anything about guitars you'll know Tony Skinner is one of the masters of the art. If you like guitar instrumentals you should seek this album out."  Mike Davies, Alternative Roots Radio Show.